SAUDIA, the Official Carrier for the 6th Annual King Abdulaziz Camel Festival, Sponsors ‘tab3 Alebel’ Camel Loyalty Competition

The group's strategic partnership with the Camel Club is in line with its efforts to promote Saudi culture and heritage

Saudi Arabian Airlines (SAUDIA), the national flag carrier of Saudi Arabia, strengthened its support to the Camel Club’s 6th Annual King Abdulaziz Camel Festival held under the theme “We are Bedouins,” by sponsoring the camel loyalty competition – Tab3 Alebel – a unique contest that showcased the camel’s loyalty and attitude in various situations and its resonance with its owner. SAUDIA was also the official carrier of the event that brought together camel enthusiasts, owners, patrons, and organizations across Saudi Arabia and abroad and showcased the legacy of transportation from camel to plane.

The Tab3 Alebel competition sponsored by SAUDIA was held over two days and had five winners who received their awards during the festival finale. As a strategic partner and the official carrier of the 6th Annual King Abdulaziz Camel Festival, the airline promoted the event among its passengers aboard select Riyadh-bound flights by providing them with special masks and giveaways for children. The 40-day festival attracted camel owners from the Gulf countries, USA, Russia, and France, as well as from across Saudi Arabia, and visitors traveling to the Kingdom for the festival benefited from the special discounts offered by the airline, enabling them to enjoy the various entertainment and cultural activities organized as part of the event.

Camel owners at the festival competed in 19 categories for all the six primary camel colors, including,  AlMujaheem, Alwadh, AlSufr, Alshaal, AlHumr, and AlShaqh. With over 250 million riyals in awards, the event was attended by 100,000 visitors daily. In addition to the competition category sponsored by it, SAUDIA also launched fun giveaways for kids, including puzzles and coloring books, on select flights to Riyadh.

The King Abdulaziz Camel Festival is an annual camel beauty pageant and cultural event held over 40 days at a 32-square-kilometers site located 100 kilometers northeast of Riyadh. Organized by the Camel Club, it has evolved as an international cultural, economic, sports, and entertainment event that represents an important part of the club’s efforts to build on the Kingdom’s rich history and positively showcase Saudi heritage to the world.